Client Testimonials

 Come challenge yourself at PHIIT Training Studio and experience the difference.  We will design a fitness program that specifically meets your needs and goals.  Fitness will become part of your everyday life.  Please read some PHIIT Training Studio client testimonials to see how we  positively improve the health, well being and fitness of our clients.


"Chris has been my personal trainer for over 3 years and is a master at his craft.  He lead me through a 40-pound weight loss and keeps me prescription free for aches and pains.  His eye for proper form combined with challenging yet fun personalized workouts keeps me motivated and coming back for more."  Leslie M


"Chris is an outstanding personal trainer.  He creates an atmosphere that is both challenging and rewarding.  He focuses 100 percent on your personal needs and will help you reach your goals.  PHIIT Studio has all the training equipment you could imagine under one roof.  Petra C


"Chris is a wonderful trainer who takes the time to understand what you are looking for and how to best  help you achieve your personal goals.  I have learned so much about what I am capable of doing through this process and feel stronger everyday.  This is all due to Chris".  Jackie P


I've been training with Chris for the past four years. He is very professional and very knowledgeable. He takes great care in explaining and making sure I work on the correct form and technique with every movement. I have gained great confidence with Chris's guidance in my fitness and wellness journey. I owe a lot to Chris and his assistance. Anyone who signs up with Chris as a personal trainer will gain a quality experience and friend. Kelli M



So, you're looking for a personal trainer and are wondering if PHIIT training is for you. Well, speaking for myself and the results that I have achieved with Chris - I would say yes! If you are serious about staying fit and healthy you can not pick a better place to do so than PHIIT Training Studio. I have been working out with Chris at another location for about 2 years, and was very excited for him to start out on his own. He is extremely knowledgeable about different types of exercises (KB, TRX, weight lifting etc). I ALWAYS get a great work-out, and if I present with an injury (I am no longer 35!) we modify the exercises to accommodate and he always sends me home with a couple of ideas to help at home. Chris is easy to work with, he has lots of ideas to help keep you on your fitness path. I am very happy here and will continue to work out here.  Maryanne M


"I cannot begin to tell you how excited and motivated I am after meeting with Chris from PHIIT Training Studio.  Chris has so much knowledge of workout and training formats to reach the goals that I have for myself.  The combination of Chris and hard work has helped me learn the feeling of great health, mind and body.  Call PHIIT Training Studio and make it Day #1."   Helen T


"I was looking for a personal trainer on the internet in my area but all I found was Zumba, Pilates and a whole slew of other boring services.  I was looking for a bad ass trainer who knew what he or she was doing and would make a difference.  Chris is the entire package.  He knows how to bring the heat and when to tone it down if need be.  Everything is always different and fun which makes working out enjoyable.    If you are looking for results then Chris is your person."  Amna C.


  If you're looking for a knowledgeable personal trainer with a large selection of equipment in a  comfortable environment than Chris is your man. Chris will work with you on your fitness goals and get you where you want to be. I'm very satisfied and will continue seeing Chris at Phiit Training Studio!                                                                                                                                                                       Andrew H                                         


  Chris is the absolute best! He customizes each workout to fit your needs and switches things up each time so you never get bored of doing the same thing. Extremely flexible with his schedule and will often work around my hectic schedule to ensure I can get my three workouts in a week. He’s always bringing in new equipment and his gym is completely on trend with the industry. While Chris takes your goals into consideration, the best part is you often get a total body workout in during each session. I highly suggest Phiit Training Studio and would encourage you to give Chris a call!    Allie W


 Chris did a great job introducing me to equipment and workouts since I am a beginner. Very thorough, makes sure you have good form. Highly recommend.   Kal M                                                                                                                                                


Chris is the best! Very knowledgeable and helpful at any stage of your fitness journey. He also makes working out fun!  Ayana H                                                                                                                                             

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