Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015


Here is what we offer at Phiit Training Studio

* Tires And Sledge Hammers

* Slam Bags And Balls.

* Weighted Sand Bags.

* Weighted Wall Balls.

* Battle Rope's

* Kettle Bell's

* Kick Boxing W/ Weighted Bag And Adjustable Stationary Kick Boxing Stand

* Bosu Stability Balls

* Cable Weight Machine

* Free Weights

 * Squat, Bench Press And Dead Lift Rack/cage

* T-bar Row And 1 Arm Row Station 

*Hyperextention station

* Inverted Leg press with 900 lbs of new free weight

* Dumbells rangeing from 5lbs - 100lbs in 5lbs increments

Our Services