Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Body Weight Training in South Lyon, MI

Chris Ransome is a personal fitness trainer in South Lyon, MI

I am a NSCA Accredited Elite Certified Personal Trainer through NCSF for 15 yrs. I am a certified strength & conditioning coach . I'm also Kettle Bell certified, TRX certified and well versed with battle rope's and sand bags as well. I focus on functional training, bodybuilding and everything in between. I have competed in numerous bodybuilding shows and understand what it is like to eat right, exercise and do the necessary cardio in order to achieve a specific goal. 

Services at Phiit Training Studio:

* Tires and Sledge Hammers

* Slam Bags and Balls.

* Weighted Sand Bags

* Battle Rope's

* Kettle Bell's

* Kick Boxing with Weighted Bag and Adjustable Stationary Kick Boxing Stand

* Bosu Stability Balls

* Cable Weight Machine

* Squat, Bench Press and Dead Lift Rack/Cage

* T-bar Row

* Hyperextension Station

* Inverted Leg Press

* Dumbbells (5lbs - 100 lbs)

* Free Weights

Specialize In:

* Weight Loss and Nutritional Guidance

* Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Body Weight Training

* Conventional Strength Training and Conditioning

* Muscle/Hypertrophy Training

* Body Building/Firming and Toning/Body Sculpting

* TRX (Core Functional Body Weight Training)

* Balance/Stability Core Training

Come challenge yourself at the Phiit Training Studio and experience the difference. We will designee a fitness program that specifically meets your needs and goals. Fitness will become a part of your everyday life and something that you look forward to and enjoy for years to come. 

I am your Personal Trainer and I am here for you!